Get to Know Picole Tote Collection

Get to Know Picole Tote Collection

Who says becoming a multipurpose mama is hard? 

Inspired by the working mamas and the stylish mamas who put their appearance above everything else, Picole brought to you the elegant, trendy and stylish Tote Diaper Bag. 

Now, even carrying a diaper bag can turn yourself into a voguish mama who keeps up with trends.


Worry not! Picole Tote Diaper Bag got your back. Instead of carrying your handbag , diaper bag and office bag separately at a time, why don’t you combine them together.Now, you are free from bags and can move freely again with a Picole Tote Diaper Bag.

If you love to travel around the world, Picole Tote Diaper Bag will work wonders for you. Its super duper features will ease you to carry around the essentials needed by your baby and you in just a bag. 


For all millennial parents out there, there’s nothing better for them than a Diaper Bag that doesn’t look like a Diaper Bag. 

Brought to you by Picole Design, the brand new Picole Tote Diaper Bag is well designed with 14 pockets and special features that will make your life easier.

Special features:

1. Smooth Zipper

Have you ever been in a situation where you are in rush and you forgot to zip your bag? And it turns out worse when the zipper stuck and it takes you a long time just to fix it? 

Don’t worry! Picole Tote Diaper Bag is now sewn with Super Smooth Zipper that can ease your work. No more tugging or hard pulling your zipper as this zipper slides smoothly on the zipper teeth even if you’re pulling it with one hand.

2. Golden Hardware

Now let’s shift attention to the another mesmerizing feature of this handbag, the golden hardware. 

Even though it is a Diaper Bag, the look of Picole Tote Diaper Bag outshines other fancy bags out there with its shiny shimmering gold hardware. 

Well-designed with elegant, luxurious and trendy style, Picole Tote Diaper Bag fits for any activities or occasions.

3. Wider Insulated Pockets

Too packed inside the bag, but you haven't put your baby bottle yet? 

And you don’t want the milk to lose its warmth? 

Don’t worry about the space and warmness anymore since Picole Tote Diaper Bag provides you with a wider insulated extra pockets inside it.  It is spacious enough to even fit 500ml thermos flask into the pocket.

4. Expandable Outer Pockets

Stuffing too many items into your average diaper bag’s pocket might damage the quality and appearance of your diaper bag. 

To overcome this situation from happening, Picole Tote Diaper Bag came up with expandable outer pockets as a solution. 

So, utilising the outer pockets to the max is now possible and doesn’t leave a scratch on the bag.

5. Fully Detachable Padded Shoulder Straps x2

Having shoulder straps in a bag is a bonus for all the wearer. Shoulder straps allow you to go hands free and relieve your hand pain and soreness. 

Plus, it is much easier for you to maneuver in comfort with the bag on your shoulder and you can style their Picole Tote Diaper Bag with full freedom depending on your mood and environment.

6. Leather Changing Mat

Giving the most comfortable place for changing the baby’s diaper is undoubtedly important. 

Come along with Picole Tote Diaper Bag, a leather and padded changing mat which will totally give a full comfort to your baby. 

With soft and comfy pad embedded inside the changing mat, changing your baby diaper will become much easier to deal with.

7. Leather Stroller Straps x2

Pushing the stroller and carrying the diaper bag at the same time might give you some hard times and complications.

To avoid soreness on the hand and ease your movement, Picole Tote Diaper Bag provides leather stroller straps.

So you can hang your Picole Tote Diaper Bag on the stroller. This would enable you to move freely.

8. Sleeve For Luggage

Packing your bags for travelling around the globe would be much easier if your bag has sleeves for luggage. 

Picole Tote Diaper Bag knows what’s the best for you since it has the feature of sleeve for luggage and now you can simply slip your Picole Tote Diaper Bag over the handle of your carry on and float down the aisle of the plane.

9. Comes In 4 Colours

Different from the previous series which has two colours, this time Picole Design comes with a whole new variety of colours that will definitely pin your eyes to  sensational perfection. 

Fit to the current trend, here are the 4 new natural colours of Picole Tote Diaper Bag; 





Now, you can style up with your favourite Picole Tote Diaper Bag colour.

10. Material

Worried if you suddenly spilled the milk on the diaper bag? 

Picole Tote Diaper Bag knows this will commonly happen and that’s why we are always a few steps ahead of others. 

Crafted with waterproof synthetic leather, a whole level upgraded material compared to the previous series, Picole Classic, now you can easily clean it with a single wipe.

And all the features above are the reasons why Picole Tote Diaper Bag will always be your first choice. 

Being the epitome of elegance and versatility, this bag is undoubtedly perfect for parents who want to handle their baby with style. 


Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to grab your Picole Tote Diaper Bag. 

Visit our website and grab yours now.